Better Sex after Bay – Restore Passion with Vaginal Tightening On Demand

Better Sex after Baby – Restore the Passion with Vaginal Tightening

Happy Young Attractive Family with Newborn Baby Finds Passion After Parenthood
Happy Young Attractive Mixed Race Family with Newborn Baby.

 The arrival of a new baby brings joy and excitement. It also creates a new lifestyle for parents leaving them very little time for themselves. Couples should try to remain aware of the toll this little bundle of joy could be taking of their relationship. 

Mom may be happily embracing the added responsibilities while bonding with baby.  But in the meantime Dad very often feels ignored and left out, especially when intimacy and sex get placed on the back burner with the possibility he feels of never again heating up to pre pregnancy days. This time is pivotal in the future of the marriage. It may be a good time for couples to take stock and make conscious efforts to stay connected to insure their relationship doesn’t start the downward spiral into marital demise. 

Moms may rightfully ask “who has time?” The first step to managing the time shortages is to prioritize and the couple’s relationship needs to be placed at the top of the list. Six weeks after childbirth the pain and overwhelming exhaustion should start to pass and you should be able to focus more on your relationship. Instead of cleaning while the baby sleeps, take a shower and spend time with your husband. The emotional bonding we need and crave requires a healthy sex life. But after a vaginal delivery, (the vagina is stretched to unimaginable proportions) decreased muscle tone in the vagina may reduce pleasurable friction during sex — which can influence arousal.  

Why not get some help by introducing some unexpected surprises in the bedroom. This is also a great way to jump-start passion and romance again. An outstanding new product that just arrived on the market for vaginal loosening- are the Tightenz vaginal inserts.  A simple to use, safe and effective solution to loss of elasticity due to childbirth.   These individually sealed for your safety inserts are a fast acting time saver. The vagina is tightened within minutes resulting in greater arousal, passion and sexual satisfaction for both partners.  The other products for vaginal tightening include creams and gels which can get messy and run a risk of contamination. There are also Kegel exercises. An ongoing endless exercise regime. The vaginal tightening inserts are by far the fastest and most effective solution for restoring the passion.  For more information on vaginal inserts visit our shopping page.